Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Response toDNA article on 25th July 2010:Media Naivete at its Best


Early Sunday morning, I half expected to encounter an article on the supposed ‘Return of Dr. Shashi Tharoor’ on Twitter! Being an avid Tweeter and one who is following Dr. Tharoor on Twitter, I was surprised that the media had skillfully erred twice in their report. Firstly, Dr. Tharoor never quit Twitter even after resigning from his post in the External Affairs Ministry! Secondly, the comment quoted to be an ‘Adverse Cryptic remark’ on the Indo- Pak relations was in fact merely Retweeted and not a direct comment which should have been scrutinized with a little more responsibility on the Media’s part. (For the benefit of non- tweeters, Retweeting is merely a way of forwarding another’s comment!)

It is high time we realize that everyone including personalities have a Fundamental Right to express their opinions. Eliciting views on an International personality’s personal or public life must be dealt with great sensitivity and discretion on the part of the Media. The fact remains that although the media has successfully discredited the image of a person who represented India in the International circles for 29 years, they have failed to mention that citizens of the Thiruvananthapuram constituency have actually found a direct platform to talk to their Representative, a privilege that most of us are yet to enjoy!

My request to the Media : report both the sides of the Story and in this case, the right sides of the ‘Tweet’!

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