Monday, July 18, 2011

Telephone to Glory!

Faith Re-visited

Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits…

Are you in the depths of despair or having a List of Unanswered Prayers? Then this little piece is for you. The reason you’ve just experienced all these emotions is because you forgot the most important and perhaps the most beautiful gift that God has endowed you, “The Power of Prayer.”

The Bible says, “Ask and ye shall receive.” The life of Jesus was crowded with labor and responsibility; yet how often He was found in prayer. If you compare all the other Scriptures you will find this thought resonant in other religions as well.

Prayer is an affirmation that you have done your best and you need to trust God to help you. How many times do we ‘Thank’ God for keeping us safe through the night? How many times do we thank Him for the people who share our joys and sorrows; our loved ones? Remember, your trial is a gentle reminder that God is waiting to get in touch with you, He’s waiting for you to invoke His guidance. If you need God, you have to call on Him. You cannot expect a miracle if you do not have the faith. I have heard people young and old alike confess that they do not want to pray because they do not feel connected. What they fail to realise is that the discord is the direct result of their unwillingness to share their trouble with God the Father. God never turns down a prayer. He may not always say, ‘Yes!’ But whatever he does for you is always for the ‘Best!’

Prayer is a manifestation of your compassion, your faith. No matter how high an ambition you achieve or how low you may fall, God is with you both at the zenith and at the nadir. Faith is the only thing constant in your life. You may have the power, the money the control today, not always. Prayer is the cheapest mode of communication but unfortunately the least used in today’s fast paced world.

We have all the time to surf the internet, tweet from our cell-phones, chat with friends, study, and work and hang out. Minimal time is spent in talking to God. Prayer is nothing but a form of self- expression. It teaches us, comforts us and grants us the much needed peace of mind.

Prayer is letting go of all the emotions pent up for so long within us. Most of us remember to pray when we are desperate for something to work out in our favour, but the more important point is why do we fail to Thank Him once we received it? Why is He the last person on our mind then? The most fascinating thing about our Maker is that He is willing to welcome you with open arms despite our ungrateful hearts.

Since we shy away from God, isn’t it logical to deduce He should turn away from us too? But, that is exactly one situation none of us will ever face. God never turns away. His eyes are ever- watchful!

Someone is watching over you because someone is praying for you. I hope that you never forget that. Don’t wait for an invitation to pray, talk to Him as a Friend. You will be pleasantly surprised how all the complexities in your life untangle without your aid.

If you have been praying for something too hard and it just isn’t happening, check again. Are your expectations and your prayer likely to cause harm or are your aims not in sync with God’s expectations.

Finally, never be time- bound to pray. Use your time, even if it’s a few minutes you can grab on your way to work, college, school to just share with God your hopes, desires, problems and disparities.

So, Stop Complaining, Start Praying! The answer is right at your door!

You can find Peace in the midst of the Storm!

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